Scooters Banned on Fort Lauderdale Beach During Summer

The ban is now in place and will continue up until August 18.

Electric scooters have been banned on Fort Lauderdale Beach for the summer.

The prohibited area stretches from SE 17th Street all the way up to NE 42nd Court. Once a rider approaches the beach area, they will get a notification from the rental app reminding them that they have to stop.

In an agreement scooter companies have with the city, electric scooters should slow down and stop working on the beach, or not turn on at all.

But one rider on Thursday said hers fired right up.

"I had it checked in already," said Sarah Powers. "We were just waiting but it didn't say anything, it let me do it without a problem."

That came as a surprise to Commissioner Steve Glassman, whose district includes the beach. He said he caught someone riding a Lime scooter on the beach when they should not have been able to activate it at all.

NBC 6 reached out to a Lime spokesperson, who said they are updating the systems to make sure the scooters slow down or don't work in a prohibited area.

The ban is now in place and will continue up until August 18. The city hopes legislation sitting on the governor’s desk will allow scooters on the road and on bike lanes, which could prevent the need for an all-out ban next summer.

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