Simple Step Helps Man Get Results After Contacting NBC 6 Responds

When he’s not playing his guitar, Jim Lipari is thinking up ways to improve his home. And last November, when he decided to remodel his master bath, he remembered a commercial he had seen for Bath Fitter and thought he’d give them a try.

“It looked like a fine product in the end,” Lipari said.

After meeting with a salesperson at his home, Lipari signed a contract agreeing to pay $4,456 for a new shower. The contract said they would reattach his existing glass pivot door and order a new, fixed glass panel. The company started the job a few weeks later and, at first, he said he was happy with what he saw.

“They installed the walls, the three walls in the shower plus the floor and they did a fantastic job,” he said.

When they completed the job by installing the glass, Lipari said he decided to try out his new shower.

“And there was water all over,” he said. “I didn’t understand how water could be leaking.”

He called the person he had been dealing with and the company tried several things to fix the problem, he said, but water was still coming through the glass door. When weeks passed and his contact stopped responding, Lipari said he decided to turn to NBC 6 Responds.

“I want the shower fixed properly so it doesn’t leak when I take a shower, that’s the bottom line for me,” he said.

We suggested he first contact the salesperson, something Lipari told us he didn’t think to do.

“I didn’t think a salesperson would have any leverage,” he said.

But it turned out, she was able to help and got the branch manager involved. A few weeks later, Lipari told us Bath Fitter had completed the project to his “satisfaction” and that the company even gave him a 10% discount on the contracted price, allowing him to move on and focus instead on enjoying his retirement.

A branch manager for Bath Fitter told NBC 6 they had subcontracted the work involving the glass shower door and were “under the assumption that the door company had taken care of it and unfortunately that didn’t happen”. The manager said as soon as he was made aware of the problem, they “moved immediately” to fix it. It is always a good idea, with any project, to find out if a subcontractor will be involved, just in case.

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