SoFla Sing Off Contestant Finale Bound

Monday night, one musical group will be $100,000 and one recording contract richer

Maurice Staple, from Lauderhill, is taking his talents to center stage. Staple and the rest of his singing group, Committed, knocked out the competition this season, making it to the finals on the NBC reality show, "The Sing Off."

Now, Committed is squaring off with other music groups for the top spot.

"He told us he would be appearing on NBC Sing Off, so we knew, but didn't know what was all involved until we saw the show, and when we saw the show we go, ‘wow’!" an excited dad said. His parents couldn't be prouder. They say the tenor, who sang in the church choir, has loved music since the age of two. Back then, though, he would never sing in front of millions.

"He was a very shy baby. Is he still shy? No not anymore. We can't keep him quiet," his mother said.

The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree. Maurice comes from a musical family. His father plays the piano and his mother sings. Now the influence is paying off with family and friends hoping he makes it big.

"I've been Facebooking, sending texts out to people, on my Blackberry telling people to tell a friend, tell a family member," said family friend Tammi Thompson.

The winning group gets $100,000 and a new recording contract.

"The Sing Off" finale airs Monday night on NBC at 9 p.m. 

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