SoBe Doctor Claims He Was Fooled By the Beauty Bandit

Police still can't find the Beauty Bandit

The line of doctors hunting for Maria Chrysson is beginning to rival the number of men trying to get a date with her.

A third doctor came forward Monday claiming the Beauty Bandit victimized his practice in December, putting Chrysson's beauty stealing spree across South Florida at nearly a year.

Dr. Michael Hall, who runs a wellness clinic in Miami Beach, said Chrysson bounced a check for more than $1,000 worth of Botox and face rejuvenation treatments.

Two dermatologists, one in Miami and the other in Fort Lauderdale, also claimed Chrysson stole more than $3,300 worth of Botox treatments from them this year.

The thefts are like Botox clockwork. Chrysson would need to get touch-ups every four or five months to keep her face - and beauty - from turning into Sylvester Stallone.

In each instance, Chrysson allegedly somehow persuades the doctor to do the cosmetic work - most recently claiming to be a model - and then either walks out of the clinic without paying or bounces a check.

It's unclear when Chrysson's love for Botox and walking out on the bill began, but Hall said he had performed treatments on the self-proclaimed model weeks prior to the bounced check.

Police are still searching for the 29-year old, who was expected to turn herself in Monday, but backed out, her attorney said. It doesn't appear Chrysson is doing much hiding, either.

But Chrysson said she is innocent and not the woman seen in surveillance footage walking out of a Fort Lauderdale beauty clinic, according to her Facebook page.

"The only reason I even call myself the beauty bandit is to try and make lite out of such a messed up situation, I will say it one more time, I didn't go into that clinic!" the post reads.

Other posts show Chrysson viewing the hunt for her arrest as amusing and a way to get some stardom. She was supposed to give an exclusive interview to someone today, but that didn't pan out, apparently. She is also waiting on a call from Oprah, but somehow we doubt that will happen, either.

Chrysson's attorney thinks his client needs professional help and he is looking into checking her into a mental health clinic. He is also trying to convince her to turn herself in, but he only had cell phone contact with the woman.

"Everyone that knows me always said I should have my own TV show," Chrysson said on Facebook. "Maybe after all this is cleared up.... :)"

Yeah, "Cops."

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