South Florida

‘Social Media Manhunt' for Venezuelan Officials in South Florida

Venezuelans in South Florida are hunting for former government officials they say need to pay for their crimes.

The group is on a so-called "social media manhunt" to find officials who worked under the late Hugo Chavez to publicly shame them while recording them on video.

"These people that are coming now, they are Chavistas, they completely destroyed Venezuela," said Ernesto Ackerman, with Independent Venezuelan American Citizens. "There is a genocide happening right now because of these people. Either here or in Venezuela but they must be punished."

On Sunday, the group says they confronted a man in a Don Pan bakery in Doral. They say the man was one of the ministers in the government when Chavez was in power.

The group yelled at the man, forcing him and his companion out of the restaurant before things escalated.

Members of the group believe that when current president Nicolas Maduro took over, the same corruptions with the same people continued and that in large part is causing all the chaos in Venezuela.

The group says they are looking for more individuals and they are going to start filing human rights complaints with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

"They cannot have visas in a country like the United States because this is a country of law," Ackerman said.

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