South Florida

South Dade Senior High Principal Javier Perez Released From Hospital

A South Florida principal who spent months in the hospital after he was critically injured after being hit by an SUV on a baseball field is back home recuperating.

South Dade Senior High School principal Javier Perez was released from the hospital Wednesday, officials said.

Perez was coaching his son's little league baseball game at Tamiami Park on April 26 when police say 51-year-old Marilyn Aguilera drove her SUV onto the field, striking Perez and pinning him to a cement block.

He was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center and underwent multiple surgeries to save his life. Both of Perez' legs needed to be amputated.

Aguilera is facing charges of driving under the influence in the crash and remains on house arrest with a GPS monitor.

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