South Florida Artist Brings Miami Hurricanes ‘Swag' With Wynwood Mural

The excitement for Miami Hurricanes football is back – from ESPN’s College GameDay setting up on campus to preview the big game to ticket prices in the thousands for the battle with Notre Dame.

It’s the first time this game between the two teams, both ranked in the top seven nationally, is back to how it was in the 1980’s when the rivalry between the two teams was at an all-time high.

Notre Dame called the rivalry ‘Catholics vs. Convicts’ but Surge, a Miami artist, is putting a twist to that rivalry name inspiring his new creation.

“Even though it sounds good, it really isn’t fair, so we call this mural ‘Catholics versus confidence’, which is what the chain brings to this team,” he said outside the Wynwood wall he’s using to create the tribute.

The chain Surge’s talking about is the now well-known ‘turnover chain’. Whenever a defensive player gets an interception or a turnover, they get to wear this big chain made out of hundreds of green and orange stones. The idea behind the mural mixes the old hurricane swag with this year’s team.

“I’m bringing it back to Uncle Luke and these kids coming off the plane wearing camouflage, with the fatigues and all that,” he said. “You know what it is - it just set a tone with them, it was swag about them, this confidence, which again is what this chain brings back.”

Surge he says the undefeated start is about more than just football.

“I think everybody feels it, that’s what the smell is, I just wanted to go back to that time in the 80s when they had all this confidence, all the swag, and just let them know that the community is behind them no matter what,” he said.

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