Miami Beach LGBT Community Reacts to Tragic Orlando Shooting

A vigil will be held tonight on South Beach at 7 p.m. in support of the families and the gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender community following a horrific attack on an Orlando nightclub.

Several hours after the attack, photos were taken inside a popular South Florida club that has a wide range of customers including members of the LGBT community.

The music played but the conversation was about the tragedy. One promoter told me security is always on their mind.

"Safety is the most important thing in these clubs. People come here to have fun, not to die," said club promoter, Miguel Beato.

The father of the the man identified as the shooter, Omar Mateen, told NBC that his son became enraged on a visit to Miami's Bayside Market downtown where he said men were kissing and holding hands in front of his son and wife.

The Jewish based Anti-Defamation League said the tragedy takes the violence against the LGBT community to an entirely new level.

"Unfortunately, the LGBT community has been targeted by extremists across the board." said David Barkey, of the Anti- Defamation League. "Now with this horrible incident in Orlando the LGBT community has to be aware of security as well."

Miami Beach Police Chief Dan Oats said: "We have a strong robust relationship with security directors at nightclubs. We are taking extra precautions. I am going to visit them and have some strong conversations in the aftermath of this event.

Miami Police were contacted about statements the father made concerning his son and what happened here in Miami, but there was nothing on their radar to indicate Mateen created any kind of disturbance and police were called.

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