Donald Trump

South Florida Rep. Curbelo Attending Trump Inauguration

The Republican Party was divided during the 2016 presidential campaign, and Florida congressman Carlos Curbelo was one of those who voiced his concerns about Donald Trump.

NBC 6 spoke to Curbelo who traveled to Washington, D.C. to attend Trump's Inauguration.

"A lot of days I thought it was an ugly election. The election is over and now the American people and people in South Florida expect us to work together and figure things out," said Curbelo. Now that president-elect Donald Trump will take the reigns Friday, unity in the party is crucial.

Congressman Curbelo is not too happy with some of his fellow representatives boycotting the Inauguration. "The Inauguration is a joint session of Congress. It's an official meeting. This is not just a show. The Congress hosts the Inauguration.It isn't a Republican Inauguration, it is the American President," explained Curbelo.

Cuba has been a sticking point as Trump prepares to take office. The Obama administration's relationship with the communist country is a source of pride.

National security spokesman Ned Price spoke to NBC 6 at the White House. "All of the steps we put in place will indeed have the benefit of empowering the Cuban people. That's really why we took this approach. It provides opportunities for the American people, but it truly empowers the Cuban people," said Price.

Curbelo disagrees with the changes in policy. "Cuba, for example, is typical of what the last eight years was like. The President went out of his way to befriend enemies of the United States," argued Curbelo.

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