South Florida STEM+ Program Introduces Kids to the World of Science

Captain Barrington Irving created "Flying Classroom" to teach STEM+

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Most people know of Captain Barrington Irving as the first Black man to fly around the world.

Captain Irving is also inspiring children, teaching them about aviation through science with the Flying Classroom, a STEM+ curriculum that introduces kids to the world of science and so much more.

“Once I went into the program, It’s really changed my life,” said Chener William.

William started at the Flying Classroom program when he was just in middle school. What began as an after-school program turned into a summer job, which led William into his passion.

“It turned me towards aviation and really helped me find my inspiration in life, which is to become a commercial pilot," William said.

Born and raised in North Miami, the 27-year-old Haitian American says working closely with Captain Irving throughout the years inspired him.

“He’s actually paying it forward with everything that he’s learned and everything they taught him, and I believe I benefited from that tremendously,” William said.

The Flying Classroom is a STEM+ program for kids from Pre-K to 12th grade.

“We get to fly and we get to inspire students through our aviation and STEM curriculum,” said Rajeev Brown, who is the Flying Classroom Program Director.

Virtually teaching lessons based on the global expeditions of Captain Irving.

“Other than flying on these crazy expeditions, one of the greatest things I get to do is change lives through STEM+,” Captain Irving said.

To learn more information about the flying classroom, click here.

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