South Florida Stores Face Shortage of Cleaning Supplies Due to COVID-19

NBC Universal, Inc.

Proper hygiene has been the number one recommendation from health officials when it comes to stopping the spread of the coronavirus. But, some shoppers in South Florida say they’ve been having trouble finding basic cleaning supplies.

Jennifer Isaac, a dialysis patient, walked out of a Walmart in Miami Gardens empty-handed.

“I think people are buying too much,” Isaac said. “It should be limited to the customer.”

Inside the store, shelves were bare, with one or two products scattered about.

Near the empty aisles, signs asked customers to limit the amount of items they take.

The scarcity of supplies has gotten so bad that other customers say they’ve spent a lot of time and gas just looking for simple products like Lysol and bleach.

“Riding around you see a store say, ‘hey, let me stop to see if they got something,’ and is basically hit or miss,” Isaac said.

Walmart has said it’s been closing stores every night at 8:30 in order to clean and re-stock products.

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