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South Florida Triplets Going Home After Spending 153 Days in NICU

"To see where they're at now is nothing short of a miracle."

Marlyn Nieves is a first-time mother with three times the charm.

After spending five challenging months at Holtz Children's Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit, triplets Joseph, Olivia and Luciana are going home.

"To see where they're at now is nothing short of a miracle," said father Jesse Nieves. "Just proof that God's hand was on top of them or I don't think they would've made it this far."

The triplets were born four months early in an emergency cesarean section. They weren't breathing and each had to be resuscitated. 

Two needed open heart surgery and the third baby needed intestinal surgery.

The Nieves triplets have been poked and prodded for each of the 153 days they spent at the hospital.

Marlyn remembers the moment she first set eyes on them.

"Tiny, tiny, tiny, but so beautiful, I'm happy my baby is here with me, my miracle, I'm so grateful with God and life," she said. "I'm so happy I don't have words."

The scare over survival is over for the Nieves family. Now each triplet weighs 8 to 9 pounds - that's five times their birth weight.

The children are thriving now, and Jesse attributes all of that to his wife.

"Even in the middle of a crisis, her faith in God and what's right and that nothing's going to harm her children was unwavering," Jesse said.

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