State Eyes Teen Tan Ban

Law would keep kids under 16 out of tanning beds

The fake bake may no longer be an option for kids under 16 if state lawmakers have their way.

The anti-tanning legislation is aimed at protecting youngsters from the ultra violet light produced by tanning beds which can be harmful for people under 18.

Lawmakers want Sunshine State kids to soak in the real thing, but tanning salon owners are saying the law, which would go into affect July 1, will hurt business.

"Any tanner we lose of course affects our bottom line," Brandi Botts, of Tan Lines Studio in Cape Coral, told WBBH.

"I'm more opposed to it because where does regulation stop?" said Matt Dokas, of 20 Minute Tan. "God made us to naturally tan. If you were on an island, you would tan to protect yourself from the sun's harmful rays."

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