Students Make the Rules at New Structure-Free School

Hey, teachers! Leave those kids alone

One new school is taking a page from the Burger King playbook, and it's not putting teachers in creepy costumes (though that would make for an interesting end to nap time).

Rather, Davie's Sunset Sudbury School, which is now accepting applications, wants kids to have it their way.

"Imagine a school where students get to do whatever they want all day long," the school's release says.

In the "Sudbury" model, which apparently has been in practice for 40 years but unfortunately never seemed to make it onto our parents' radar, staff and parents are asked to "trust in each child's innate curiosity, motivation to learn and ability to know what is best for him or her, while respecting others."

Which we'd think would translate into a whole lot of Spongebob 101 and three-hour dodgeball games, but has actually sent about 80 percent of students to their first choice college, the school reports.

The school - only the second in Florida -- also believes in a student-led justice system, advocating that "students have a vote in how the school is run, from determining how the budget is spent to deciding who gets hired and fired."

We're picturing little Johhny sentenced to a public juice boxing for stealing little Emily's Twinkie and a special election to vote on a bounce house or petting zoo (or both!) for the back yard.

Regardless, the idea is to teach kids how to be independent thinkers, not test takers, meaning no FCAT here - a concept of which perhaps all schools (and the government) should take note.

Well, that and three-hour dodgeball.


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