Students Surprise Retiring Teacher With Drive-By ‘Parade of Love'

"The love they showered me with was very special," Ms. Edwins said of the caravan of cars that appeared in her driveway with posters and tambourines

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After 42 years of teaching at Calusa Elementary School, it was tough for Lynn Edwins to retire knowing the coronavirus outbreak would prevent her from being able to celebrate with students and faculty.

Little did she know her students wouldn't allow this to happen: Ms. Edwins' second graders organized a surprise drive-by at her house, bringing tambourines, pots and pans to help them make noise.

"I opened the door and I heard all this honking with kids, and I thought, where is this coming from?" Ms. Edwins said. "They were parading through my front drive!"

Hanging out of their car windows with homemade posters and signs to celebrate their beloved teacher, the students formed a social distancing-approved “parade of love” in honor of her upcoming June retirement.

Edwins has been a teacher at Calusa Elementary School since 1981, the first year the school opened its doors. She said adapting to online learning hasn't been easy, but she did it out of dedication to her kids.

"At my age it could’ve been a struggle," Edwins said. "But I decided to head it straight on and say, I could do this, and I'm going to do this for my children."

It remains unknown whether or when school will be back in session in Florida. But no matter how the academic year ends, Ms. Edwins will have the memory of her special farewell parade to look back on.

"The passion that those children have, no other children have it... The love they showered me with that day was very special."

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