Suspect in Miami Beach Condo Murder Makes Incoherent Court Appearance

The suspect accused of murdering a man inside a Miami Beach condo, who spit at police during his arrest, had another outburst before a judge Monday.

"I'm selfless and I'm God's will," said 30-year-old Jonathan Alonso, incoherent and wearing a suicide prevention vest during the hearing. "You're the ones being watched and being persecuted, you got that."

Prosecutors said Alonso stabbed and killed 61-year old Louis Piper inside the luxury Miami Beach apartment that they shared together last Monday.

Detectives said Piper's body was decomposing when they found him days later and neighbors had noticed the strong odor.

The building's security video cameras caught Alonso leaving the murder scene with the couple's dog on Wednesday. Detectives arrested Alonso at a Miami park on Friday.

While in custody, a naked Alonso spit at officers and they had to slip a mask on his face. Police said he later ripped a camera and microphone from the wall during his police interview.

Meanwhile, the couple's dog, Olivia, ended up at a county shelter and is getting ready for adoption.

"Mr. Alonso, good morning. You were arrested for criminal mischief and first-degree murder," said Judge Mindy Glazer.

"Whatever decisions you need to work out between you own selves. I'm selfless," Alonso replied.

Alonso has been on the mental health floor in the jail complex since his arrest.

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