Two Suspects Arrested, One on the Run After Woman Carjacked at Gunpoint in Miami

Police are looking for a remaining suspect after arresting two over the carjacking of a woman in Miami on Tuesday.

The 36-year-old woman was inside her black Infinity in the area of NW 57th Street and NW 13th Avenue when she was approached by three people, Miami Police officials said.

The woman told NBC 6 she had just pulled in front of her cousin's home to have coffee with her when she saw the three suspects, who were wearing backpacks.

One suspect pulled out a gun and told the woman to get out of the car.

"One of them acts like he dropped something and before I know it he was at the car with a big old gun in my face," said the woman, who didn't want her name released. "I turned, there was another one who had a big old gun in my face too. He was like 'gimme the car, open the door!' He was like 'gimme the money!'"

She said one suspect demanded her phone and then the code to the phone.

"I'm just like 'don't shoot me!' and I got out the car and I walked away from the car and he couldn't even drive, he had it in neutral. He didn't even know how to drive," she said.

The three suspects fled in the car, police said. The woman wasn't harmed. Two suspects were later arrested.

The car was found Tuesday afternoon in the area of Northwest 17th Avenue and 68th Terrace.

Police said the suspects may be juveniles. The incident remains under investigation.

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