Charlotte County

Florida Woman Broke Into Neighbor's Pool Multiple Times for Skinny Dipping: Deputies

The home’s owner told deputies that he sent letters to her previously asking Capri Wiedemann to stay off his property

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A woman was arrested this weekend after police say she allegedly broke into her neighbor’s Southwest Florida pool several times this past weekend for a simple reason - to go skinny dipping.

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office deputies were called to the Englewood home starting Friday after the owner, David Wardell, said his pool cage had been cut open, according to NBC affiliate WBBH-TV. A report said deputies collected cigarettes, keys and women’s underwear but no arrests were made.

The following day, Wardell said he saw 22-year-old Capri Wiedemann swimming in the pool naked from a security camera installed while he was in Canada.

Wardell told deputies that he sent letters to her previously asking Wiedemann to stay off his property. Deputies found those letters in her home during a search as well as several knives matching ones left at the scene.

Wiedemann initially denied being at the scene, but her mother told deputies she does swim in the neighbor’s pool often. She was arrested and charged with trespassing and burglary before bonding out.

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