Task Force Meets in Effort to Curb Opioid Use in Miami-Dade County

Monday, members of the Miami-Dade Opioid Addiction task force met in a continuing effort to find a resolution for the growing drug epidemic plaguing the county.

Inside the county commission chambers, Dr. Handel Tooks from the University of Miami presented his proposal to the task force of a needle exchange pilot program.

The meeting comes as, just up the road in Palm Beach County, the medical examiner’s office says they thought the opioid crisis was slowing down – But the numbers they’ve reported in the last weeks prove the opposite including ten drug overdose deaths in one day last week.

Tooks is determined to curb this vicious drug cycle.

“There was a time where they were seeing ten overdoes a day in our Jackson emergency room,” Tooks said. “Whatever is on the streets of Miami at this time is extremely strong.”

The task force, which has met just one before, is made up of county officials, Miami-Dade Police, Jackson Health doctors, and The Homeless Trust among others.

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