Teacher Contacted Daughter After Sexual Battery Arrest: Mother

Teacher accused of contacting young girl after lewd or lascivious battery arrest

The teacher charged with sexually battering a young South Florida girl continued his inappropriate contact with her even after his arrest, the girl's mother told NBC 6 South Florida in an exclusive interview.

The mother, whose identity is being concealed to protect the family, claims 34-year-old Carlos Usatorres contacted her daughter online following his arrest on three counts of lewd or lascivious battery on a child.

"Nobody actually protected me or my daughter," the woman said during an interview Wednesday.

Usatorres, who was a phys ed teacher at the girl's middle school, Miami Springs, remains behind bars without bond in Miami-Dade. His attorney maintains Usatorres' innocence and says his client will be vindicated at trial.

Lawsuit Filed Against Dade Schools for Alleged Sex Assault by Teacher

Usatorres was placed back in jail in November. His attorney denies he was online with the girl but the State Attorney said the prosecutor on the case asked and was granted revocation of Usatorres' bond due to his contacts with the victim in the pending criminal case.

The girl's family has sued the Miami-Dade School Board in federal court, alleging "Mr. Usatorres began engaging in sexual contact..kissing, inappropriate touching, oral sex, and sexual intercourse in his office on school premises," according to the suit.

The school board has denied the allegations and contends that it had no actual knowledge Usatorres would sexually assault the girl. The school board has suspended him without pay.

Her mother contends Usatorres, for an 18-month period after he was arrested and then bonded out of the county jail, was contacting her daughter online. She provided 92 pages of messages she claims show Usatorres' attempts to further manipulate the girl while she was still 13 and 14 years old.

Former Broward Teacher Accused of Having Sex With Girl

"My biggest frustration about this is that I thought he had a restraining order, that he cannot see my daughter any more, and he still did it," the mother said.

The mother said she discovered the communications, which included sexually-explicit exchanges, after her daughter left open her Tumblr social media account.

"Where's my picture huh? I'll send you better one's soon, i love you sexy!!!" the daughter allegedly wrote in one message.

"I want you so (expletive) bad right now. I keep looking at the pictures and I am so turned on right now....umfff. what are you doing?" Usatorres wrote back, according to the mother.

Teacher Investigated for Relationship With Student: Report

“I love you and miss you. When can I see you?” the girl wrote in another message.

"I don’t know when can you? I don’t work next week so let me know," he allegedly replied, according to the mother.

"Unfortunately, it's not a total surprise, because she's a compliant victim," said Jeffrey Herman, the family's attorney. "The Internet communications talk about them meeting up, secretly, and how great it was to be together. We believe these communications are from this man."

Herman announced Thursday that more lawsuits have been filed against Miami-Dade schools for allegedly allowing the teacher access to three female students who families say were sexually assaulted. 

The School Board has suspended him without pay but said it can’t say anything about the allegations in the lawsuits.


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