Teen Accused of Threatening Miami-Dade Cop on Periscope

A teen is accused of threatening to kill a Miami-Dade Police officer during a streaming recruiting interview on Periscope.

Jean Michael Montenegro, 19, was arrested Monday on charges of cyberstalking and making written threats to kill or do bodily injury, police said. He was released on $6,000 bond Tuesday evening.

His attorney, Matt Ladd, said Montenegro's a good kid and is entering a plea of not guilty.

The threat was allegedly made Friday on Periscope from Montenegro's account. "I'll kill you sergeant," is what was allegedly posted.

During a bond court appearance Tuesday, the judge and state's attorney didn't seem to know how the social media live streaming service works.

"Your honor, I'm not familiar with this type of social media. I'm not familiar with how this social media works," the prosecutor said.

"It was live streaming which I assume is, it was live and it was spoken words," the judge replied. "I would just say it's electronic communication."

Police took the threatening words seriously and tracked down the teenager, arresting him. According to an arrest form obtained by NBC 6, Montenegro said "I didn't mean to threaten that guy."

Ladd said he's looking forward to defending the case.

There is no recording of the Periscope stream.

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