Texas-Sized Pot Bust Found Packed in Semi

230 pounds of marijuana headed from Texas was stopped on the Florida Turnpike

There's always something suspicious when a truck usually used to deliver goods has nothing on the inside. That's when cops start using their noses.

Broward Sheriff's Office arrested a Hialeah man and his uncle after they were stopped on the Florida Turnpike in an empty semi-truck that wasn't really empty at all. Inside the trucks roof were 230 pounds of marijuana neatly wrapped in 198 individual packages.

A dead give away that maybe the tractor trailer was carrying more than meets the eye may have been the empty cab with large sheets of plywood covering the roof.

Ramiro Rodriguez and Enrique Rodriguez were taking their pot load to South Florida from Texas, claims BSO, who also believe the two are part of a larger drug trafficking ring that transports pounds of weed, heroin and cocaine from Texas on a regular basis.

The two men are charged with drug trafficking.

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