Thieves Target Burned Teen's Home

Two incidents in the past week at Brewer's sister's Deerfield Beach house

The Deerfield Beach home of 15-year-old burn victim Michael Brewer has been the target of thieves twice in the past week.

The South Deerfield Ave. house belongs to Brewer's sister, Malissa Durkee, who has reported two unusual incidents in and outside her home, according to the Sun-Sentinel.

In the first incident this past Saturday, Durkee called police after a stroller left on her front lawn was thrown across the street. Cash and other items that were left in the stroller were stolen, and a work permit posted on the house's front door was torn off.

In the second incident, Durkee called 911 again early Monday morning after an attempted burglary. Durkee told police a man cut through a window and reached inside the home.

The two recent incidents aren't the first time Durkee has had to call the cops since the Oct. 12 incident in which her younger brother was surrounded by a pack of classmates and set on fire.

Back in November, Durkee found a pair of burned dolls floating in her backyard pool.

Brewer, who has been in and out of Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami since the attack, had been staying at his sister's home before the burning incident. His family said he won't be returning to the home.

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