Pembroke Pines

Stolen Puppy Found, Returned to Pembroke Pines Pet Store

Two men were caught on surveillance footage allegedly stealing an English bulldog from a Petland store

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The puppy that was stolen by two men from a pet store in Pembroke Pines Friday night has been found and returned.

According to the owner of Petland, Luis Marquez, Miami-Dade Fire Department found and returned Oscar the English bulldog on Saturday.

"They bathed him, gave him a lot of love and a lot of care, called him special agent Oso," Marquez said.

Surveillance footage captured the moment the two men allegedly stole Oscar Friday evening.

According to the store's manager, Stefani Victor, the two men arrived just before 7 p.m. Friday night and asked to see an English bulldog puppy.

Video footage shows the two men and an employee looking at the dog inside the store's petting area, before the employee walks off and one of the men grabs the dog by the leg and leaves the store.

Victor told NBC 6 the dog is worth between $4,000 and $7,000.

After the ordeal, Marquez says the store will change one aspect of how it allows customers to interact with its dogs.

He says they may consider checking and holding onto a customer's ID while they are in the petting area.

Marquez added that the store will also press charges on the men, but there was no information on if either man was arrested.

Oscar is up for adoption for any person who is interested, the store said.

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