Tombs at Miami-Dade Cemetery Vandalized

Cemetery manager Ellen Johnson said such vandalism was common

The above-ground tombs of at least three infants and three adults were vandalized at a Miami-Dade County cemetery, according to the cemetery manager.

Miami-Dade Police went to Lincoln Memorial Park cemetery at 3001 NW 46th Street on Wednesday, as workers sealed up some of the tombs.

Cemetery manager Ellen Johnson said such vandalism was common.

Johnson said the vandalism was found on Tuesdsay morning. She said such vandalism has occurred at another cemetery nearby.

It's "evil and disgusting," she said of the incident.

Meanwhile, police were at the cemetery documenting the case and the Medical Examiner also responded.

Liz Pearl's husband Rufus' crypt was disturbed.

"It's evil for someone to do that to a person. You think they are going die and live in peace, and stay in peace anyway," she said.

Meanwhile, Roy Williams went to check on his mother gravesite, which was intact.

"This is outrageous. Kind of hard on families when body parts are being taken. So I am goign to see if i can arrange to get my mother somewhere else," he said.

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