Traffic Magistrate Took Bathroom Pics: Cops

Woman accused of taking photos of man at urinal at courthouse

A female traffic magistrate is accused of entering the men's restroom at a Plantation courthouse and taking a picture of a man as he was standing at a urinal, according to an arrest report.

Rhonda Hollander, 47, was arrested last Thursday after the bizarre encounter at the West Regional Courthouse, the Broward Sheriff's Office report said.

The report claims police were called after Hollander allegedly used her phone to take a photo of a man named Willie Jackson Jr. as he was about to urinate, then took a picture of another man who was entering the restroom.

When an officer located Hollander in a judge's chambers, she admitted to taking the picture, the report said. When an officer asked to see the photo, Hollander refused, telling the officer that it was a "public restroom and that she was not breaking any kind of laws," according to the report.

The report said Hollander kept taking photos of Jackson as she was being escorted away and then started taking pics of the officer. When the officer told her to stop and pointed his finger at her, she allegedly tried to bite the finger off.

Hollander was arrested after a brief struggle with the officer, and charged with resisting an officer without violence, assaulting an officer, and obstruction with violence.

A secretary at Hollander's Hollywood law office said Wednesday that Hollander would not be making any comments about the arrest on the advice of her attorney.

Hollander was later freed on $700 bail. The phone was seized and placed into evidence.

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