Heavy Rains Continue Pounding SoFla in Isaac Aftermath

Windy weather creates dangerous conditions in Miami

When North Lauderdale resident David Friedland woke up Monday morning to walk his dog, he wasn't able to get too far – heavy rains had flooded his condominium in the aftermath of Isaac.

"The roads in the condominium and going out into the main street are completely flooded," Friedland, 63, said. "We have a lot of people that can't get in or out."

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Downpours continued Monday across portions of South Florida courtesy of the outer rain bands of Tropical Storm Isaac. Although tropical storm warnings were dropped for all local areas before noon, blustery conditions were expected to accompany the heavy showers.

Friedland said he lives in a complex with residents over 55 years old. "I'm worried because we have a lot of senior citizens here." He said he missed his doctor's appointment because he could not get out of his home.

Other communities across South Florida, too, were experiencing severe flooding.

The South Florida Water Management District said some areas got up to 12 inches of rain and 4 more inches were expected throughout the day. Some areas that got significant rainfall were Sunrise with 6.39 inches and Homestead with 5.54 inches.

Sawgrass Mills received 6.18 inches of rain Monday and Coral Springs 6.16 inches, according to the National Weather Service. Fort Lauderdale had 5.46 inches, and Lauderdale Lakes 5.10 inches.

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According to Lauderhill Fire officials, 12 to 18 inches of water were flowing into homes south of Commercial Boulevard and west of Pine Island Road.

Aerial footage showed flooded neighborhoods in Lauderhill with residents playing in the water. A pair of residents were also shown paddling through the high waters on an air mattress.

Lauderhill resident Joanna Ribner told NBC 6 she was frustrated with the flooding situation.

"I just went outside to get my dog and it was up to my shin in my driveway," she said.

She added that an eight-block radius was completely flooded and that neighbors were trying to sweep water from out of their homes.

“It happens every time we get heavy rain,” she said.

The city of Lauderhill said it would be giving away free sandbags to Lauderhill residents Monday night at the Lauderhill Sports Park until 11 p.m. or until supplies last.

Residents must bring identification to prove they live in the city, and it's recommended they bring a shovel. They can take a maximum of eight bags.

Chuck Lanza, the Broward County Emergency Operations Center Director, was driving in Lauderhill Monday to inspect the damage.

"It's pretty heavy, but fortunately there doesn't appear to be any water in houses yet," he told NBC 6 South Florida.

Getting home, whether driving or walking, was tricky on NW 50th Street in Lauderhill Monday night.

"There's no cable, there is sewer backup, and the canal is leaking into the streets. That means there is fishes and stuff on 50th Street," said Roxy Styles, who was stuck at home.

The counterclockwise rotation around Isaac is causing persistent showers, a term called "training." Though bands should diminish by Monday night, lingering moisture will hold showers in the forecast again Tuesday.

Wet roads made for dangerous conditions Monday, causing several accidents, according to the Florida Highway Patrol.

"We've been extremely busy today," public information officer Joe Sanchez told NBC 6. He said though residents think the worst of the storm is over, "It's not, we're still getting a lot of rain."

He urged residents to stay off the roads. "Under these conditions, if you don't have to be on the streets, please don't be," he said.

The Sawgrass Expressway southbound entrance and exit ramps at Atlantic Boulevard and Oakland Park interchanges were closed Monday afternoon due to flooding.

The gusty winds and heavy rains were also responsible for at least two dangerous falling tree incidents in Miami.One incident happened in the area of El Prado Boulevard and La Playa Boulevard when a man suddenly had a tree crush his Mercedes. Jim Caplin said he was driving to work when the tree fell on his car, and added that he's lucky to be alive.

Crews across South Florida spent much of Monday morning picking up palm fronds and cleaning streets.

At a home in the 6200 block of Southwest 57th Street, a large tree fell on the roof and fence, likely causing thousands of dollars in damage. Luckily the owner wasn't home at the time.

"It was very very calm here, there was a little bit of rain, there was some wind," neighbor Bill Wilson said. "I was surprised that there was more wind this morning than there was most of yesterday. But no damage to any of my property, I was very lucky."

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To report flooding call 877-429-1294 or follow the water district on Twitter. To find alternate road routes call 511. 

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