Trial Set for Two People Accused of Bad Butt Injections

The trial of Oneal Morris and Corey Eubank is set for June 24

The trial for two South Floridians accused of injecting people’s buttocks with Fix-a-Flat and other substances in a black market business, will begin on June 24.

Oneal Morris and Corey Eubank will be tried together in Miami-Dade County, their attorneys said Friday.

"We are vigorously fighting the charges," Eubank's attorney Jim Lewis said.

Morris and Eubank were arrested in 2011 and charged with practicing medicine without a license after victims alleged Morris had injected their legs and buttocks with a mixture that included Fix-a-Flat, cement and superglue. Both have pleaded not guilty.

"My client Oneal Morris is looking forward to being exonerated, putting these charges behind him," attorney Michael Mirer said.

Morris has been arrested multiple times for performing cosmetic procedures without a license in Broward and Miami-Dade counties.

Morris, who police said was born a man and identifies as a woman, was also arrested in late July 2012 on the two charges in the death of Shatarka Nuby, 32. She died from "massive systemic silicone migration" as a result of the cosmetic silicone injections that Morris gave her in her black market buttock-enhancing business, according to authorities.

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