Wet Weather Forecasted For South Florida Across South Florida as Tropical System Moves North

System has a 50 percent chance of formation over the next five days, NHC forecasters said

A tropical system in the Caribbean is expected to bring heavy rain to South Florida over the weekend and could potentially become a tropical depression or storm.

The large area of cloudiness and showers has a 40 percent chance of forming in the next two days and a 50 percent chance of forming over the next five days, forecasters with the National Hurricane Center in Miami said Thursday.

The system was extending from the Cayman Islands over Cuba and to the Florida Straits and it was expected to continue heading northward and near the East Coast. Parts of South Florida, the Florida Keys and the northwestern Bahamas could see heavy rainfall through the weekend.

Though environmental conditions appear conducive for development, upper-level winds become less favorable next week, the NHC said. Forecasters say if the system develops into a named storm, it would be after it moves past Florida.

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