Two Indian River County Teachers Face Termination After Alleged Mass Cheating Incident

Two teachers from Indian River County could be out of a job after they allegedly helped students cheat on a certification exam in an effort to receive bonus pay.

According to NBC affiliate WPTV, the county superintendent is recommending that Alison Moody and Ralph Vaughn, both teachers at Vero Beach High School, be fired as a result of their actions.

A letter sent to both teachers detail the allegations – in which Vaughn is alleged to have compromised computerized certification tests for students in the Technical Education program.

Vaughn reportedly would log into the test system using fake names to see what the questions were. Furthermore, he would have the students unplug their computers overnight to allow them to go home and retrieve answers before coming back the next day to finish.

Moody also taught in the program and is alleged to have taken the test before hand and showed students the actual questions ahead of their test.

As a result, all students from the last two schools years lost their industry certification through the program and could also lose several math credits and other grades from the state.

The teachers will find out their future at the next School Board meeting on Monday.

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