UM Booze Bus 86ed

School cancels bar shuttle service

The booze bus that shuttles partying UM co-eds between campus and Coconut Grove bars was cancelled yesterday by the school's administration.
The shuttle service is being cancelled for a laundry list of drunken, rowdy infractions that would make Snoop Dogg's tour bus driver blush.
The Dean of Students' office explained in a release to students why it was cutting service, saying the lush scene included "disrespectful treatment of drivers and monitors, grossly intoxicated students, students getting sick on the shuttles, mob scenes at pick up and drop off points, insistence on boarding the shuttles without Cane Cards and sneaking non-students onto the shuttles.”

Cuts to the service, called Ibis, have been threatened in the past, and a "Save our Ibis" campaign last year did just that. But the bus shenanigans proved to be too much this year.

The service has been officially cancelled only for the Spring '09 semester, and the Dean of Students office said it wants to work out the problems and resume service in the Fall, the release said.

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