Video Released in School Bus Assault

Woman attacked students on school bus

The Broward Sheriff's Office released video Thursday of a group of sisters - some adults - who stormed a school bus and attacked several students.

The footage shot by security cameras on the bus shows 23-year-old Cynthia Haynes rushing to the back of the bus and smacking a student who allegedly beat up her little sister, BSO said.

The Sept. 7 incident happened on a bus that was transporting children to William Dandy Middle School. Two students, ages 11 and 14, suffered minor injuries in Haynes' brazen attempt to get revenge for her little sister, detectives said.

Haynes was charged with two counts of child abuse and burglary for barging onto the bus. She is still in Broward County jail awaiting trial.

The footage also shows several other women, who BSO said were Haynes' sisters, trying to go through the bus driver to get to the children in the back of the bus. One woman tried to jump over a bus seat to get pass the bus operator, who radioed for help.

Jasmine Williams, Haynes' 18-year-old sister, was also arrested and charged with disrupting a school function. Two other juvenile sisters received the same charge and were released to their mother, BSO said.

As Haynes left the bus, one of the women appeared to challenge some the students to get off and continue the fight.

"You want some more?" she said. "Get off the bus."

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