Voting for Venezuela: South Florida Turns Out to Voice Opposition to Maduro's Plans

Venezuelans in South Florida turned out to vote along with millions in their native country and across the world Sunday, casting ballots to decide whether to back President Nicolas Maduro’s referendum to elect a National Constituent Assembly.

More than 7.1 million people - including just under 10 percent from outside the country - overwhelmingly voted in a symbolic rejection of Maduro's plans to consolidate his power by rewriting the constitution.

Maduro has called a July 30 vote to elect members of a special assembly to rewrite Venezuela's 1999 constitution. The opposition says the vote is structured to pack the constitutional assembly with supporters and eliminate checks on his power.

The Maduro administration has said they will not recognize the results of the non-binding resolution.

Democratic elected officials say they are standing in solidarity with the people of Venezuela and their demands for law and constitutional order, against repression.

In Florida, every Venezuelan who turned 18 years old before June 14th of this year and/or is enrolled in the Electoral Register was able to vote.

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