Water Meter Glitches Result in Bigger Bills in Hollywood

Residents in one South Florida city are finding out that they have some hefty water bills coming up.

Due to a glitch with water meters, 170 customers in Hollywood were under-billed and are receiving corrected statements. City spokeswoman Raelin Storey told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel customers will get up to 60 months to pay off the balances and that the city will offer a 50 percent discount.

Storey said the average water bill is $122 a month for using 700 cubic feet of water, but if the meter isn't working, the same bill would be only about $50.

The highest bill was $140,000, went to a 24-unit condominium complex, or about $5,800 for each unit. The smallest bill is $20 for a single month, at a single-family home.

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