‘We Beefin?': Wendy's Drops Mixtape Aimed at Fast Food Rivals

Wendy’s released an unexpected mixtape on Friday with hopes of making other fast food restaurants "super salty."

The five-track EP, titled "We Beefin?," takes aim at rival fast food giants McDonald’s and Burger King.

"You number one? That’s a joke. Why you ice cream machine always broke," a female MC rapped in the the hip-hop heavy diss track, "Rest in Grease."

"Queen Wendy" also directed rhymes at Burger King in "Holding it Down" by rapping: "Can’t be no king, your burgers ain’t the finest thing. I can’t believe you peasants have the audacity."

The fast food chain announced the release on Twitter, and threw social media into a frenzy.

The EP is available to stream on iTunes, Google Play and Spotify.

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