Weather Forecast: Sunny and Warm Friday in South Florida

Temperatures in the 90s with low chance of rain

There was plenty of sunshine Friday in South Florida to start a long holiday weekend, with temperatures starting out in the upper 70s and warming to the low 90s by the afternoon. 

Rain chances should stay low through the next 48-hours but will be increasing slightly on Sunday and Monday. Plan on a southerly winds to bring most of the storms to Lake Okeechobee and north of Miami-Dade. 

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Scattered showers and storms will be possible through the next four days. Rain chances increase even more next week.

For Labor Day, expect partly cloudy skies and a 30 percent chance of showers and storms with highs around 91. 

In the tropics, two features are being watched. One wave is just off the coast of Africa and has a medium chance of development, but is still very far away. The other is closer, but only has a slight chance of development and is still days away as well.

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