Well-Dressed Burglar Breaks Into Dade Stores: Cops

Detective say he burglarized a beauty supply store in West Miami-Dade County, and when he was in the store,he was looking good for the camera.

Police are on the lookout tonight for a man who detectives say wants to look good when he's committing his crimes.

Detective say he burglarized a beauty supply store in West Miami-Dade County, and when he was in the store, he was looking good for the camera.

Surveillance video from the Samaria Beauty Supply store in West Miami-Dade shows the man in a blue dress shirt and slacks, a side bag for his papers and cell phone to his ear.

Detectives say that seconds later the well-dressed bandit breaks the lock on this beauty supply store and once inside quickly looks around then jumps over the counter and starts searching for anything valuable. Wearing dress shoes and gloves, he rips out the cash register, steps on a stool as not to mar his slacks, steps back over the counter and makes his exit back into the shopping center's parking lot.

The surveillance cameras at a hair and nail salon captured the bandit in action here too, carrying their cash register after closing one weekend. Ileana Varas is the salon's owner.

"When we saw the video it was impressive. He didn't look like a thug. He looked like a very normal guy, clean cut, nicely dressed. He took out our lock with a tool in less than two seconds,” Varas said.

Police now believe the white male with an eye for fashion has made burglarizing small businesses in the Kendall area a habit. They say he also broke into the nail salon, a dry cleaners, and another insurance company. The women's gym called Lady of America, a car battery center and a pizzeria.

Alvaro Zabaleta , with Miami Dade Police, says " This individual that we are looking for apparently walks around in proper attire--a polo shirt--a long sleeve shirt--jeans--trying not bring to much attention to himself carrying a brief case alongside his shoulder and pretending to be on the phone. "

Police say here also broke into into a Kendall insurance company.

In each of the nine burglaries police say before the dark haired man with the goatee makes a move and he wants to look good doing it.

These small business owners had to get their locks replaced, install more security measures, and generally lost a few hundred bucks. If you have a idea who this well-dressed man is call Crimestoppers 305-471-tips.

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