Where's the Beef? DeVito's SoBe Restaurant Cited for Lying

Inspectors want to know if DeVito South Beach is really selling Kobe beef

Danny DeVito might be short-changing customers at his South Beach restaurant when they order the Kobe beef, a Florida Health inspection noted in a recent visit.

Among the 10 violations inspectors found at DeVito South Beach, an inspector said the actor was mislabeling the super-expensive Kobe beef on the restaurant's menu, according to Page 2 Live.

A six-ounce Kobe steak will run you $180 at DeVito's spot at 150 Ocean Drive, so when ballers shell out the cash, they expect to experience the genuine taste of a Japanese raised cow. And the signature steak, called the DeVito Kobe Flight, will run you about $300.

DeVito's people claim the beef about beef isn't a big deal and that they only use the best cuts.

"They're looking for the little things," DeVito's partner, David Manero told Page 2 Live. "They're just doing their job."

Some of the other "critical" violations that might actually be hazardous to customers' health included dirty kitchen utensils, food containers with no labels and the lack of standard shellfish warnings.

DeVito, of course, isn't the one cooking up Kobe in the kitchen, but the co-owner is a regular at the spot and we are sure the former "Get Shorty" actor wouldn't want to be called a little liar.

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