Local DJ Taking the Titan Challenge

50 competitors will try to devour the undefeated Titan 4-pound burger

Ah, the things we do for charity.

Clay Cartland, whose claim to fame includes funny spots on the Paul and Young Ron Show on 105.9, will show off his philanthropic side by scarfing down a 4-pound colossal burger to raise money for a South Florida food bank.

Nothing like overeating to benefit the hungry.

The Titan Challenge will take place Saturday at Quickie's burgers and wings in Hollywood, but the feat will be anything but a fast experience. Many have challenged the Titan. No one has defeated it.

Cartland, who is a food blogger and semi-competitive eater, will be among 50 other challengers who think he has what it takes to conquer the massive patty of beef for the first time.

The Titan's creator is not so sure.

"It's undefeated," said Evan, owner of Quickie's. "I think some of them will put a dent in it, but we don't think it can be done."

The Titan is a deliciously monstrous creation of flame-broiled beef, a dozen pieces of cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, french fries, fried onions and Quickie's special sauce - all squeezed between two gigantic burger buns.

If Cartland or anyone else can consume the entire Titan-sized meal, their prize would go toward Feeding South Florida , formerly known as the Daily Bread. The Titan Challenge will also feature a toy drive for Joe DiMaggio's Children's Hospital.

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