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White House's Kellyanne Conway Talks Korean Summit, DACA With NBC 6

What to Know

  • NBC 6's Jackie Nespral is in Washington, D.C., reporting on the latest details coming from the White House and Congress.
  • Recent developments include the anticipated diplomatic summit between the United States and North Korea, as well as immigration reform.
  • Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo is among politicians trying to force a vote on DACA in the House of Representatives.

Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway told NBC 6 that the diplomatic summit between the United States and North Korea remains scheduled despite concerns.

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un announced they would meet in Singapore on June 12. However, recent comments by both the U.S. and North Korean leader have cast doubt on whether it will be possible, at least by that date.

"The president has said that he hopes a meeting like this can happen, and it's due to the president's leadership that North Korea and South Korea have come together, that three American detainees are back on American soil and that the prospect of 70 years of war between North Korea and Nouth Korea could come to an end," Conway said.

Another hot-button issue on Capitol Hill is DACA, as Florida Rep. Carlos Curbelo told NBC 6 he and his allies are close to reaching the 218 votes needed to force a vote.

"What House members are doing is taking matters into their own hands and saying 'enough is enough.' It's about having a debate on immigration, considering multiple bills on the House floor, giving members an opportunity to advance their ideas, to convince their colleagues that their way is the best way to go forward and hopefully at the end getting something to the president's desk," Curbelo said.

On the issue of immigration, Conway said Trump has been clear that he would be willing to work with Congress on immigration reform, depending on the bill's language.

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