Witness Describes Scene at Broward County Courthouse After Inmate Escape

An eyewitness says he was inside the Broward County Courthouse at the time of the an inmate's escape from police custody Friday.

Frank Celone was sitting in the front row waiting for his case when he saw 21-year-old Dayonte Resiles make his escape. Celone says he saw a man "jump up from jury box and run toward the door."

Celone says Resiles was wearing a black a white-striped jumpsuit and didn't appear to have any shackles on. He added that it appeared as though Resiles' jumpsuit had already been ripped up and that the that the escape might've been preplanned.

"Right before he got there he pulled the buttons on his uniform, it looked like they were already ripped at the legs, came right out of it," Celone said. "He had on a pair of black shorts and a white T-shirt and the bailiff ran to get him but when he was about to grab him, people had been coming into the courtroom at that particular time and he was unable to get a hand on him."

Celone described the scene in courtroom as chaotic and says that the judge was calling for order during the incident.

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