Woman, 61, Arrested for Slapping Man in Publix Road Rage Incident

Witnesses said a woman slapped a man after he waited too long to turn out of a Publix parking lot.

A 61-year-old woman was arrested after road rage got the best of her at a Bonita Springs Publix.

Eileen Nemeroff was in the car with her husband when they pulled up behind a white truck in the parking lot of the Publix off US 1 near Old 41, reported NBC affiliate WBBH.

The man in the truck, named Steve Jones, said he was waiting for traffic to clear before turning out of the parking lot, according to WBBH. The Nemeroffs started honking the horn, so Jones got out of his truck and walked to the car behind him, but they wouldn't roll down their windows.

When he got back into his truck, he saw Nemeroff's husband say something to her before she flew out of her car, WBBH reported. She then walked up to Jones' driver's side door, so he rolled down the window.

What happened next was unexpected.

"She reaches her hand inside the truck and slaps him in the face!" witness Ashlee Whiteleather told WBBH.

Witnesses said Jones got out of his truck calmly after the slap and took a picture of Nemeroff's license plate before the couple could speed off, WBBH reported. He called 911 and Nemeroff was placed in custody on charges of burglary with assault.

Meanwhile, Jones spoke with WBBH and laughed off the whole thing, saying it was something he would never forget.

The Nemeroffs did not comment on the incident.

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