Woman Accused of Faking Abduction Taken Into Custody After Attacking NBC 6 Photographer

A Miami woman accused of faking her own abduction to get back at her boyfriend was back in handcuffs Wednesday night after she attacked an NBC 6 photographer and threw a rock at another TV crew.

Authorities took 20-year-old Samantha Martinez into custody after the attack, which happened a short time after she was released from jail for filing a false police report.

Earlier Wednesday, police announced they had arrested Martinez after she admitted to faking her own abduction to get revenge on her boyfriend for his alleged cheating.

During the attack, Martinez's boyfriend tried to calm her down. Despite the drama, he told NBC 6 he is still there for Martinez. "I changed my life and people change, too," he said. Martinez's boyfriend, who declined to give his name,  added, "I've been going through so much. I'm just tired, period, of everything."

Martinez was booked into jail, appeared in bond court and was released before attacking the NBC 6 cameraman. Everyone involved declined to press charges and she was released.

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