Woman Accused of Threatening to Kill Police Officers Appears in Court

A woman who police said threatened to kill and blow up local officers, claims it was all a big understanding.

Letter in hand for the judge, 39-year-old Johanna Garcia of Hallandale, made an appearance in court Monday.

"Nobody wants to put these cops in jail. It's the biggest case in 30 years," Garcia said.

Garcia is facing several counts of threatening Miami Beach Police officers with a bomb. She allegedly left the cops several voicemails saying, in part: "I'm gonna kill you all. I'm gonna blow you up."

But Monday, she claimed it was all a mix-up.

"I never meant it to be literal and it was obvious if they reviewed all my messages," Garcia said.

In 2009, Garcia filed a lawsuit against the Miami Beach Police Department claiming she was raped by several officers. Monday in court, she clung to her rape story while facing serious felony charges, which could put her behind bars.

Garcia will be back in court next week, with the letter she wrote to the judge and with her court-appointed lawyer.

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