Woman Charged After 52 Cats Found Crammed Inside Filthy Hollywood Home: Police

Patricia Vestweber was charged after the discovery, police say

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A Hollywood woman has been charged with animal abuse/neglect after 52 cats were discovered living in poor conditions inside her home, police said.

The Hollywood Police Department said they were called out to 600 N 68th on Jan. 27 and discovered the cats. 

“It should not have gotten this bad,” said Jonathan Colon Garcia with the Blackheart Trappers Transport and Rescue. 

He said he was called to the home to spay and neuter the cats. However, he was shocked at what he found as he walked through the house. 

"The stench of the ammonia hit me like a ton of bricks,” Garcia said. “They looked absolutely miserable. Just like no food in front of them, no water.”

He said the first room he entered was roach-infested. 

“(The cats) were exposed to all this filth, and they were crammed, three to four, in a kennel which was very hard for me to see," he said.

In all, there were 52 cats and one dog inside the home, all of which have now been removed. 

Garcia said there was at least one dog as well. 

Patricia Vestweber was charged with animal abuse/neglect, police said. According to court records, she’s been cited before by Broward Animal Control for “harboring” animals.

“It’s the worst middle of summer. It’s the worst,” said Chris Minino, who lives directly next door to the home with his family. 

He says he’s tried to report the problem before. 

“I’m hoping that now people will like to come to my house and not have to hold their nose when they’re standing on that side,” Minino said. “As an animal lover, how do you do that?”

Garcia emphasized the importance of calling for help. 

The cats are now at Broward Animal Care, police said. They are being placed up for adoption and are looking for indoor homes.

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