Woman Curses at Miami-Dade Judge Over Bond Amount

A woman facing a charge for a brawl while in jail repeatedly cursed at a Miami-Dade judge Monday, prompting the judge to raise her bond to $20,000.

Mylife Rivera-Vazquez, 21, went on two obscenity-filled tirades against Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens. In between them the judge asked Rivera-Vazquez why she was being so disrespectful, and she explained that she was being accused of a crime she did not commit.

Sanchez-Llorens ordered corrections officials to take Rivera-Vazquez to a clinic, saying she might have mental health issues.

Rivera-Vazquez made a court appearance via video to face a new charge of battery on a law enforcement officer. She said she didn’t have money to hire an attorney and said she was in handcuffs when the incident occurred.

Rivera-Vazquez, who was arrested on an armed robbery charge in April and has been in jail since then, was involved in a physical altercation with another inmate at the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Facility on Sunday, Miami-Dade Police said in an arrest report. When a corrections officer tried to separate the inmates, Rivera-Vazquez spit in the officer’s face, the report said.

Sanchez-Llorens initially set her bond for the charge at $10,000 and prepared to move on to the next case – but the defendant asked why her bond was $10,000.

“Excuse me, Your Honor,” Rivera-Vazquez said. “Yes, Ma’am,” the judge replied.

An official told Rivera-Vazquez not to speak about the facts of her case. She did so briefly, mentioning another woman involved, before asking the judge what was going on.

“OK, Ma’am, you’ve been given a $10,000 bond, OK? Thank you,” Sanchez-Llorens said, calling the next defendant.

“I’ve been given a $10,000 bond for what, man? F--- you, you f---ing off p------ judge,” Rivera-Vazquez said, walking away.

The judge asked her to return, and after a few moments she did.

“Was there a reason for you to be so disrespectful? I was not disrespectful for you, Ma’am,” Sanchez-Llorens said.

“Yes, there’s a reason for me to be disrespectful, because I’m in (a) red jumper, I don’t know why, because I’m getting accused of a battery that I did not commit while I was in handcuffs,” Rivera-Vazquez said.

“This is not the time to do it,” the judge said, telling Rivera-Vazquez to be quiet.

Rivera-Vazquez maintained that she didn’t commit battery because she didn’t hit the officer. Sanchez-Llorens increased her bond to $20,000 – prompting Rivera’s second outburst.

“You can increase it to whatever the f--- you want, how about that?” Rivera yelled.

“Alright, thank you, Ma’am. Good,” Sanchez-Llorens responded, smiling.

“F--- you and the boat you rode in, you f---ing p------ judge,” Rivera-Vazquez yelled before she left.

In January the father of Rivera-Vazquez's toddler and her boyfriend died on consecutive days.

The father, Raul Rivera, died on Jan. 20, one day before a fight between his girlfriend and Rivera-Vazquez, according to authorities.

Rivera-Vazquez’s boyfriend Kristofer Astorga, 22, was then killed in a Jan. 21 car crash in Miami that injured Rivera-Vazquez and her then-15-month-old daughter Juliet Rivera, police said. They said they believed that Astorga was trying to speed away from the conflict between the two women.

Rivera-Vazquez was later arrested and charged with two counts of simple battery, according to police.

Raul Rivera's girlfriend and his mother were appointed as the toddler's caregivers.

Even if Rivera-Vazquez posts the $20,000 bond, she is being held on no bond on the armed robbery charge, corrections records show.

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