Woman Delivers Baby in Margate Birthing Center Parking Lot

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The doorbell camera of a Margate birthing center caught one mother delivering her baby outside in the parking lot.

Susan Anderson told NBC 6 she was adamant about having a water birth, but her baby had other plans.

"I felt her coming in the car, I think my husband called ahead," Anderson said. "I honestly don’t remember that I yelled in the car that I need to push."

Anderson didn't even have time to make it inside Natural Birthworks. The couple got there just in time for Sandra, their midwife, to sprint outside and catch the baby.

"Natural birth is beautiful no mater how it happens, and my body just did what it had to do at that point," Anderson said.

Anderson was still wearing her shorts. Two officers showed up to help, but stood by looking shocked themselves.

"The woman’s body is amazing," said Anderson's husband, Joseph, who was standing by supporting his wife the whole time. "Babies come when they want to come."

"I thought we were going to have a few hours, maybe," he said. "We caught almost every light on the way there. I kind of regret not taking some liberties there."

And like his wife, he knew they were in good hands the whole time.

"I’m thankful that it was our second one, that's for sure," he said. "If this was our first one, I think I’d be pretty scared."

The midwives who run the center say they’re glad that people can learn more about what they do and understand that birth can happen in all sort of positions— especially upright — and that they're trained for all sorts of situations.

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