Woman Seen Yelling at Cyclists During MLK Day Protest Video Fired From Job

A woman who is seen in a now-viral video yelling at a group of young activists protesting housing inequality on Martin Luther King Jr. Day has been fired from her job.

Insignia International Properties, a luxury real estate company in downtown Miami, posted on its Facebook page Tuesday that Dana Scalione is "no longer affiliated" with the company.

"Insignia International Properties does not tolerate discrimination," the post read in part.

Scalione was a licensed real estate broker and started at Insignia in 2012-2013, according to the company.

A cellphone video shot by an unidentified member of the activist group Dream Defenders shows Scalione and a group of black teenagers on bikes arguing in the area of Brickell Avenue and 8th Street. 

Scalione is shown yelling at the cyclists to move because she has to go pick up her children, then screaming that one of them ran over her foot.

"You just touched me, you bunch of thugs," she screams.

Moments later, a man later identified as Mark Bartlett, walks up to the scene with his handgun at his side, yelling obscenities and racial epithets at the black cyclists. Police later arrested Bartlett on the weapons charge as he was driving a few miles from the scene.

Police said the cyclists blocked part of a major street to protest plans for a private development to displace affordable housing in the financially struggling Liberty City neighborhood. The protest was an offshoot of the anti-violence "Wheels Up, Guns Down" movement that happens annually on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Riders in ATVs, dirt bikes and bicycles take to the streets in South Florida and typically weave in and out of traffic at high speeds, pop wheelies, ride while standing on their seats and execute similar dangerous stunts on major highways. Every year, police make dozens of arrests and seize numerous vehicles, and this year was no exception.

Later Tuesday, a truck equipped with large video screens on each side was seen driving up and down Brickell Avenue showing the confrontation. It wasn't clear who was behind the display.

State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle said Tuesday she is investigating the caught-on-camera incident as a possible hate crime.

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