Miami Beach

Woman on Miami Beach Stole Dates’ Expensive Watches: Police

A woman was arrested and is facing charges for stealing high-end watches from men she met at South Beach clubs, police said.

Katelin Wojtowicz was charged with three counts of grand theft. Miami Beach police arrested her in connection with three different cases where she would take her dates back to a hotel room after a night of drinking, wait until they fall asleep and then steal their watches.

At the Mondrian Hotel on January 3, the victim's $30,000 watch was missing after he spent time with Wojtowicz, police said.

On October 10, a tourist from New York told police he met the defendant at Club Mokai. They later went to his hotel room, where he passed out, and then woke up and discovered his $56,000 watch was missing.

Wojtowicz is out of jail and posted a bond of $22,500.

"Always be cognizant of your surroundings, don't accept drinks from strangers, keep your drink with you at all times," said Miami Beach Police Department spokesman Eddie Rodriguez. "And always just use your intuition, if you feel something is too good to be true, it probably is."

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