Sunny Isles

Women Wanted in Hollywood Rolex Theft: Police

Hollywood Police are looking for two women who they say stole expensive watches from two men after allegedly drugging their drinks.

The theft happened back on Jan. 7 after the two men, who are in their early 50s, met the women, who are in their early to mid 20s, at the Porterhouse Bar in Sunny Isles, police said.

The men invited the women back to a home on the east side of Hollywood, where the women made some alcoholic drinks and gave them to the men, police said. The men said they became very sleepy and only remembered waking up the next morning.

"Our victims believed they were drugged, they did not wake up until the following morning," Hollywood Police spokeswoman Meredith Elrich said.

When the men woke up, they noticed their Rolex watches had been taken off their wrists, police said. One of the men who lives at the home also found five watches had been stolen from his personal safe, police said.

"The total of the loss that was from this grand theft was approximately $70,000," Elrich said.

A security camera caught the two women leaving the home, police said.

"Obviously you take any risk when you invite someone back to your home, we're just asking that individuals are more aware of their surroundings," Elrich said.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes the women to call them at 954-967-4411.

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